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snake whip
We are proud to offer you whips by extremely
talented whip braiders working very hard to
keep the tradition of whip plaiting alive in
America.  making Signal, Snake Bull Whips,
Cats and Quirts as well as many styles of
novelty whips.  Also they are made out of a
wide variety of leather such as Roo, cow
horse, or nylon just to name a few.

Following is a brief description of the two
different style whips we have in stock...of
course custom orders are ALWAYS an
 Email us for more information on
custom whips.

Signal Whips

These "single-tails" as they are commonly
known were originally developed for sled dog
racers and are now appreciated by those
who need a compact, accurate and
efficacious whip for indoor use.  The
traditional design employs a cracker plaited
into the end of the whip.

Snake Whips

Snake whips are dynamically similar to
bullwhips and are used in much the same
way, the most obvious difference being the
lack of any stiffening in the handle. Instead
the whip is loaded with lead shot in the butt
end of the thong, how much depending on
the type and size of the whip. The effect is
equivalent to that of a much thicker bullwhip
but with full flexibility - ideal if compact
dimensions are required. Snakes crack
louder and hit harder than bullwhips.
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