* sling & frame kits *
Our Slings are COMPLETELY hand
made.  Great care is taken to select the
then the edges beveled and smoothed.  
Over 420  holes are punched before the
dying process takes place.   After the
exact color is obtained the leather is
oiled, sealed and buffed to a high sheen.

The Sling is now assembled with
meticulous detail.....making sure each
Chicago Screw is tightened (w/loctite)
and the heads are lined up with all the
other 200+....  PERFECTION!!!!!

We have chosen to use ONLY Stainless
Steal D-Rings and Chicago Screws in the
assembly of our sling...NO 'pop rivets'.  
Safety is always an important issue with
all of our products!

There are many perfect spots to hang
one of our fine slings...use your
imagination....Dungeon, Living room,  
Bedroom...You might even be willing to
give up that old recliner...they are
REALLY comfortable,  beautiful to look
at....but...the ULTIMATE piece of
Bondage Equipment!

Sling...$450.00 and up    price includes
the leg straps but not the sling stand or
mt leather products